Миранда Керр о семье, карьере и секретах красоты

Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley recently talked about family, career and beauty lifehacks. Earlier girlfriends were “angels” brand underwear Victoria’s Secret.

Миранда Керр о семье, карьере и секретах красоты

In may this year, Miranda became a mother for the second time after giving birth to son HART billionaire Evan Spiegel. Again family life “blocked” career, but to stop their business model would not. She’s still working on a company of organic cosmetics KORA, but performs the duties of the house. In conversation with Rosie Miranda told me about how every day combines family and work. “The most important thing is to be flexible, to adapt to the situation and adapt to circumstances. I managed to find a balance. Now I work from home because the food is HART’s chest and distracted by it every 1.5-2 hours. Last night feeding him at 4 in the morning, and after he finally wakes up at 7. I get up at 5.30 to take some time for yourself to meditate. When Evan, Flynn and HART get up, we eat Breakfast, elders going, and I stay home and am meetings. I conduct conference calls, photo shoots, meeting with partners. When HART’s older — I’ll be back in the office. But before we’re all together let’s go on vacation”.

Rosie noted that Miranda is the career woman. She even remembered how during the career of the “angel” model less all take a vacation. “It’s true! Throughout my career, I took a vacation in August. But on the other hand it’s great because this intensive work helped me to save enough money to Finance your business. I’m proud of it! All the missed weekends, holidays and hard work eventually pay off.”

Миранда Керр о семье, карьере и секретах красоты
Miranda also shared her beauty secrets. “No matter how busy I am and tired, I always cleanse, and then moisturize it. Twice a day — morning and before bedtime. This is the cornerstone of my beauty routine. In addition, I’m literally obsessed with exfoliation. It took me more than a year to develop a mask of turmeric, which exfoliates and brightens the skin. I use it as an exfoliant”.

The model also listens to others. She remembered the most useful beauty secret, which is used until now and advises others thus to save: “Makeup artist rose-Marie swift has taught me: buy a Curling Curling when at hand is an ordinary teaspoon, is a waste of money. It was great advice!” — shared Miranda.

Then a friend picked up Rosie: “You know, I had to do just exactly that. I stayed at the hotel, and my tongs was left at home. I thought, hell, I can’t go out with straight eyelashes. And then just tweak them heated in hot water with a spoon. This method works great!” — supported her Rosie.

In a hospital in Los Angeles may 7 at 23:53 local time, 35-year-old Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr and 27-year-old founder of SnapChat Evan Spiegel son was born! The boy was named in honor of his grandfather Evan Spiegel — HART.

Baby Flynn, who is already with Kerr from his previous marriage with Orlando bloom, been waiting for a little brother or sister. “Flynn is very excited about this event. When Evan and I met, he kept bugging us asking when he will have a brother or a sister. And we answered him that the first to get married. And here’s the morning after the wedding he writes to us and asks: “Mommy, well, the child is already in your stomach?” — said Miranda in one of his interviews.

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