Miranda Kerr doesn’t want to marry a billionaire because of the marriage contract

Миранда Керр не хочет замуж за миллиардера из-за брачного контракта

Want the big and pure love? Sign the contract! The model and former wife of Orlando bloom Miranda Kerr, who almost a year is Dating Australian billionaire Evan Spiegel, had received from him a proposal … to sign a marriage contract.

According to the publication Star, the romance between the youngest billionaire and the supermodel is developing rapidly, and Miranda has said businessman and her fiance, but will the 25-year-old Evan husband – that’s the question. Instead of a ring with a diamond Kerr received from him the draft of the marriage contract.

According to insiders, she had thought that it was a joke and even laughed, and when I realized that this der Spiegel says about this seriously – she was not amused.

“Lawyers Evan so cleverly made the contract that in case of divorce, Miranda is left with nothing. One can only imagine the look on her face when she realized it was serious,” — said the source.

Now Evan is estimated at two billion dollars, and the model to work for the life of about 38 million (that too much). The contract also stated that being the spouse of Spiegel, Miranda is in no need of because your favorite woman Evan not to skimp. The same insiders report that Miranda now doubts whether she wants to marry a man who doubts the sincerity of her feelings.

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