Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend have purchased a love nest

Миранда Керр и ее бойфренд приобрели для себя любовное гнездышко
The model and her man got his first General real estate.

Миранда Керр и ее бойфренд приобрели для себя любовное гнездышко

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel

Photo: Splash News/East news

As it became
you know, the ex-wife Orlando bloom, model Miranda Kerr has acquired, together with
her husband’s love nest. The pair have opted for a mansion in Brentwood,
area of Los Angeles.

Miranda and her
beloved managed to make quite a bargain. They paid for their purchase
“only” 12 million, despite the fact that the initial price was higher
half a million dollars. Now the lovers became owners of the mansion area
660 square meters. It has four bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, pool, home
a gym, a cinema and an indoor pool. The building, located on a plot of land
with an area of half a hectare is the result of the famous California architect Gerard

Miranda and her boyfriend, a young millionaire Evan Spiegel Dating less than a year. However, during this relatively short period they had come to the conclusion that just made for each other. The fact that Miranda isn’t a big lover of Nightclubs and hangouts. And, fortunately for Kerr, it turned out that her favorite is also a homebody. Miranda, which since February of this year, lived in the house of his beloved, said: “Although Evan is only 25 years old, in some ways he behaves like a Mature, 50-year-old man. We are a quiet life. After his work he tries to hurry back…”

Incidentally, Miranda has long been introduced Evan with his year old son Flynn from her marriage with Orlando bloom. As told by Kerr, at the time when she and bloom were going through the divorce process, they agreed that they will acquaint Flynn with their future partners, not earlier than six months after the start of the relationship, so as not to injure the boy. Kerr and honestly have kept her word. As told to Miranda, Spiegel and Flynn got along great with each other.

But the former Kerr-husband — Orlando — given word to keep, not managed. Although his love affair with DeviceNet persivale was only in January of this year, he has been introduced Katie to his son. And he seems like a needlessly hurried. Indeed, just last week in Hollywood have spread the rumor that bloom had an argument with Perry, and they decided to break up.

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