Miraculously surviving kitten made a sweater to warm

Чудом выжившему котенку сделали свитер, чтобы он согрелся

Incredibly moving news appeared in the network.

The world is not without kind people! A girl named Sarah from the city of Raleigh (North Carolina, United States) posted on his Twitter page pictures of a tiny kitten in the same tiny sweater, made of ordinary white sock.

Then as it turned out, the jumper unidentified people put on a pet is not for beauty, but he soon warmed up after a hurricane. Also they did not leave an animal on the street and taken to the safest place veterinary clinic.

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Clinic the kitten didn’t stay long. The same day he saw the man who was there with the children, and immediately wanted to take him. Employees, of course, did not mind.

Now the kitten is doing well. He’s already made friends with the dog of their masters, but the sweater out of a sock to remove refuses. Apparently, he himself very much.

By the way, the picture with the kitten in sweater, have become extremely popular in the network. For a month post Sarah gained more than 132 thousand likes and more than 75 thousand retweets. However, this does not surprise. At the sight of this adorable kid just can’t put a mark “like”. And just look at his eyes!