Miracles happen: Alexey Yanin “got out” of the coma

Чудеса случаются: Алексей Янин «выбрался» из комы
Actor the first time he regained consciousness.

Alexey Yanin with his mother Olga

Photo: Facebook Olga Yanina

Alexey Yanin, lapsed a year and a half ago in a coma, regained consciousness. As it became known, the actor has not lost his ability to speak and remember the recent events that happened to him. That Alex gradually returned to normal life said his mother, Olga.

“Thank you all for your kind words.Write immediately,because once.We are now in rehab.Today Alyosha stood in the hall on the feet (with of course), and tomorrow we’ll start on the Lokomat (will go on the brackets). It is difficult, complains that sore leg. Talks a lot says. In General we try. Thank you all for your support!” — said the mother of Alexis.

Recall that a year and a half ago, Alex suffered a severe stroke. Fighting for the life of Janina, the doctors were forced to put him in an artificial coma. It is assumed that the stroke was the result of overload at work and frequent travel. He underwent craniotomy and for a long time after that, the actor lived with the hope for a miraculous healing. Relatives of Ioannina transferred from hospital to hospital, passing one after the other rehabilitation courses. Largely thanks to the support of his family, he received a chance for a full recovery in the foreseeable future.