Минус размер: Леди Гага сильно похудела

The singer dropped a few pounds after a breakup with her fiance.

For someone problems in his personal life become the reason for the prolonged depression followed by insatiable appetite and, as a consequence, an increase in volume. Seize the girl mount, in a word. But for Gaga, on the contrary, the discord in the relationship became a great motivation in order to lose weight. Now where once the apron was hanging fat belly, now flaunts some semblance of a press.

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The singer is clearly proud of the result and strongly demonstrates the updated form, preferring hoodies and loose shirts tight shorts and short tops, off the navel. I do not know what tricks had to go to the artist below in the shortest possible time to change beyond recognition. Maybe blame a grueling workout in the gym or severe dieting, and can be, a lot of stress on the basis of termination of the engagement so corrected figure.

Recall that Lady Gaga and her fiancé, actor Taylor Kinney broke up after five years of relationship. The pair were engaged to be married, when young people took an unexpected decision to pause. First, Gaga stopped to put in social networks joint photo with her boyfriend, then took the engagement ring. And recently she told about the end of the relationship with Kinney on his page in the social network.

“Taylor and I always thought we were kindred spirits. Like everyone, we had UPS and downs, but now we have decided to take a break. We’re both ambitious artists, who hope to combine work away from each other and our complicated schedules in order to support the simple love that was always between us. Please support us. We are just like everyone else, and we love each other”.

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