“Minus 15” Oksana Fedorova became a blonde

«Минус 15 лет»: Оксана Федорова стала блондинкой
Model and TV presenter decided to experiment.

Photo: Instagram

Oksana Fedorova — a former model. She had to completely change shape during operation, but such a radical experiment it was not. For photo ops in the role of horsewoman she was a blonde. However, dye did not — have used a wig.

“How do you think I look good?” asked Fedorov from their fans.

All subscribers models are unanimous in their opinion that is definitely coming. “Once was younger!”, “Minus 15 years!” “Very feminine!” — fell on the star compliments.

However, despite the fact that the experiment was considered successful, many expressed that their color — dark — Oksana looks so much better. With him she looks, maybe older, but much prettier, brighter and more organic.

Interestingly, the daughter Oksana Lisa, which this year will be 5 years old, was born “fair”. But the older it gets, the darker her hair. Fedorov said that she herself was just as well. Girl, by the way, it seems, wants to follow in the footsteps of his mother. She already has experience in front of camera and she really feels comfortable “in the frame”. Fedorova recently shared with fans a picture in which Lisa posing in Studio in front of a photographer. The girl is dressed in a beautiful designer dress, the hem of which is decorated with roses made of delicate fabric. The same colors adorn the hairstyle of the girl.

“Is Cinderella ready to go to the ball!” — signed photo of Oksana.