Milos Bikovich spoke about psychological violence by Aglaia Tarasova

Милош Бикович заговорил о психологическом насилии со стороны Аглаи Тарасовой The actors starred together in the film “Ice”. The film will be released in all Russian theaters on February 14. Closed on the eve of the premiere of Aglaya and Milosh gave an interview in which he told about how he met and learned during life together.

Aglaia Tarasova and Milos Bikovich have been Dating for more than a year. First pair did not advertise their relationship. How to tell the actors they met on the set of the film “Ice”. But then Milos did not even remember Aglaia and confused it with a colleague Katerina Spica. Tarasovo to work on the painting was difficult because she stood for the first time on the ice, and she had to learn to skate as a professional skater.

The plot Aglaya plays a girl Nadia, who dreamed a dream of becoming a champion, but an accident puts the cross on the execution of her wishes. The film tells about the struggle and the will to win. “First, even stand on skates couldn’t. I have fallen and cried,” recalls Aglaya.

Milos met with the mother of the girl, Ksenia Rappoport, almost immediately, as she was also involved in this project. As jokes the actor, the movie star tried to warn him about the difficult nature of Aglaia.

The pair did not understand why they could so quickly start to live together, because for many, this process takes years. “I think it made my voodoo doll and put a spell on her nights,” laughed Aglaia. However, her choice takes a different version.

“I think that I would not solve anything. I suspect, at me still is a psychological violence. But seriously, it most likely was just a bunch of wonderful things that have going in the relationship. We just went to train and since then never parted,” says Bykowicz.

The first time Aglaia and Milos tried to hide their relationship. After a painful breakup with llya Glinnikov the actress chose not to advertise who she is Dating now. However, several months later, Tarasov Bykowicz and still have started share photos to social networks.

“Nowadays, it is an indication that people treat you seriously, and a way to show the world that he has a relationship. On the one hand, it’s silly, but it really is. We deliberately haven’t discussed it, but after a year of living together was stupid to hide,” said Aglaya.

As admitted by the actors in an interview with Glamour magazine, they had to take the characters to each other. Tarasov believes that Bikovich very calm, and he calls her a man who changes his life.