Милли Бобби Браун отправилась отдыхать в Кабо вместе с коллегой по сериалу Очень странные дела

Young star Millie Bobby brown became famous for her role in the popular sci-Fi series “Very strange case”, where played the girl with telepathic abilities Eleven (Ileven). Last week she spent in Mexico together with his colleague Sadie sink, which viewers will see in the second season of the show, on the Sunny shores of the sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas, which often in America is called simply “Cabo”.

Милли Бобби Браун отправилась отдыхать в Кабо вместе с коллегой по сериалу Очень странные дела

The photos, shared sources, exclusive for People, 13-year-old brown and 15-year-old sink is having fun, running along the sandy beaches holding hands. the girls clearly became close friends on the set of the second season of the series and even became best friends.

Millie Bobby brown went on vacation to Mexico not only with a new best friend, but also with his family. Sink also tried the famous SPA and gakusi and tasted seafood delicacies in the best restaurants at Grand Velas.

Sadie sink joined the cast of the second season, after a successful role in the TV series for NBC American Odyssey.

“They had a lovely time at the resort, they literally did not leave during their vacation!” says a source about the rest of the colleagues in Cabo.

Bobby brown decided to capture the beautiful time spent together with her best friend, and put in your account instagram a cute photo of the girls hugging, sitting on the sandy beach and looking into the distance the sea surface. Millie left a pretty photo caption that touched many fans.

“Love you, Sade! Thank you for coming with me to Cabo! These memories will stay with me forever!”

Audience eagerly waiting for the release of the second season of “Very strange things”, which starts on 27 October abroad. Ileven the character played by Millie became a cult classic and inspired many to create a great number of costumes for holiday Halloween horror. The young superstar also won the MTV Movie & TV Award for best actress in the show and said in an emotional speech during the ceremony in May. For girls, this win was a big surprise, which she just could not hold back emotions.

“First of all, I want to thank everyone who voted, and especially MTV,” began the speech through tears of joy, the young, brown when took to the stage, where her statue was presented by the actors Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario. “I want to thank all the crew and actors who became my real family. Guys, I love you.”

Not only Millie was honored the award for excellent acting, but a colleague of girls on the series and the famous actress Winona Ryder has received 18 nominations for an Emmy and won the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama fervale.

Yet the second season was released on Netflix, the creators of the series Matt and Ross Duffer told the publication Vulture in a recent interview that the show will last 4 seasons!