Milla Jovovich will appear in the “future World” James Franco

Милла Йовович появится в «Мире будущего» Джеймса Франко

The star of “resident evil” Milla Jovovich signed up for a new project of James Franco.

The actress joined the post-apocalyptic project Director, which is called “World of tomorrow”.

The author of the idea was James Franco, already enlisting the support of Bruce Thierry Cheung, Jay Davis and Jeremy Cheung the idea became a script.

To lead the film-making process Franco will be together with Bruce Chang, and Davis will play a key role.

Today we know that in the “future World” will tell about a guy trying to survive in a destroyed civilization, passing through global warming, epidemics and war.

The hero is forced to go on a dangerous journey to find a cure for her sick mother. Assistant guy is his bodyguard, who did not once have to save his life.

When a project is sent in active development, is not specified.

Recall the last project, which was attended by Franco as a Director, was an adaptation of Stephen king’s novel “11.22.63”.

In addition, James led the filming, he was the author of the script (together with the author of the original) and played a major role.


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