Милла Йовович рассказала об интимной жизни с супругом

Милла Йовович рассказала об интимной жизни с супругом

Known 43-year-old actress Milla Jovovich will soon become a mother for the third time. Along with her husband, film Director Paul Anderson, she has two daughters Eva and Dashiel. Girls age difference of 8 years. The third child will be a girl, celebrities I see no reason to hide floor, and as soon as it became known spouses, they declassified it to all my fans. Milla recently gave an interview in which he shared how and when she and her husband have sex.

The actress quietly said that both daughters were accustomed from infancy to sleep with them in bed. Now, when the older eve is already 12 years old and the youngest 8, they’re still every night I fall asleep all together. Jovovich believes that a large portion of the population sleep this way. For some countries, which far from the civilization of the West, for example, Thailand, it is generally considered that it should be. She saw in the small villages the children sleep next to the grandmothers, fathers and believes that it is absolutely normal practice. The couple have such affection for children, because they spend a lot of time career. Returning home close to midnight, the whole family want to at least sleep together.

Of course, such closeness with children very much affects the intimate life of celebrities. In his bed sex, they are no longer doing, however, the couple found a situation like this. Once a week a couple gets out on dates without the kids, after dinner they go home, while in the hotel, where is intimacy. Also their house has a regular dressing room, which has excellent soundproofing and plenty of space. When the kids are in bed, the couple move to this place. There they light candles and soft cushions spend the rest of the night. Milla calls my closet the “cave of love”. In this place she became pregnant with a second daughter. According to the actress, it is important to find time for solitude.

Recall that Milla Jovovich and Paul Anderson met for 7 years, then decided to legalize their relationship. The wedding ceremony took place on 22 August 2009, when the couple was already first daughter.

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