Милла Йовович рассказала о будущем своей дочери
The actress fears that her daughter will follow in her footsteps.

With her husband Paul W. S. Anderson and daughter ever at the premiere of “Resident evil: the final Chapter” in Los Angeles. 2017


Milla Jovovich has only recently become a respectable wife and mother. Before meeting with the Director Paul Anderson, the actress led a pretty hectic life. Blame, as she believes Jovovich, too early adulthood.

“I got an early start, says Milla. — Have made a lot of mistakes, fell into the inevitable trap. Too much going on — it is hard to resist. If you take into all the clubs. Everywhere happy to see you — all parties and social events. Do you have a house, a car, you are in great demand, around celebrities, and you some 18 years! And you feel like a star, even without being it. I was rude to his mother, did not want to listen to, hooked on alcohol, considered himself always and everywhere wrong. It seemed to me then that I’ve seen it all, nothing to seek, and quietly die. (Laughs.) Nonsense, one after another — that’s what I totally want for my daughter.”

But, despite the opposition of his mother, ever in five years, said
he wants to be an actress. Milla was trying to distract her from the idea, to create as many obstacles as possible, saying, “First learn how to read, to write.” But it turned out that ever — extremely resistant
girl. All obstacles and slingshots, which mommy put in her way, overcome with
ease. As a result, had to give her to an acting Studio for children,
ballet, singing.

“I didn’t mind when she offered to play me young
in the movie “Resident evil: the final Chapter”, one day of shooting, no replica, no big deal, — says Jovovich. — When
Gender (Anderson — husband of the actress, the Director of the film series “Resident evil”.) said she wanted to try her for the role of the red Queen, convinced
villain, I started with him to argue fiercely. Too big role, and I don’t want
to push her daughter into acting so early. But the producers added fuel to the fire:
Ever them at the audition loved it and they approved it. Of course, I
nervous. This is not for me to understand that quick easy money, success and all,
what accompanies this illusory in this age of reality, no good
lead… And now I am totally
refuse to sign contracts that are in abundance offered my daughter.
Excluded. One thing to test for a role in
movie, another — to become a model. Too easy. Your picture
see social networks and everything is ready, you already call
something to advertise. In other words, I want ever graduated from high school and she
it was a normal childhood. Still time to become an adult. But to stop the daughter to her
the dream of becoming an actress, of course, will not. If she will continue to treat
acting as seriously, responsibly and with the same passion…”

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