Милла Йовович избила своего мужа

On the set don’t always go smoothly. As it turned out, even the Director can get into the eyes, if the actors do something wrong. Personal such a situation occurred on the set of the final part of the movie “Resident evil”. Funny about the case, said the actress, who’s a lead.

Milla Jovovich was a guest author the Jimmy Kimmel show, where he talked about how accidentally stabbed her husband Paul Anderson, the Director of the picture.

Paul put a screen in front of lens 41-year-old Mill and told to perform in front of her Boxing moves. As an obedient actress, Jovovich complied with the request of the Director. However, the celebrity missed and hit standing next to the wife.

After the incident at Anderson’s left a huge black eye.

One can only imagine how silly and funny it looked, and how painful and unpleasant was Paul himself.