Mill Katic leaving “the castle” because of the conflict with Nathan Fillion

Стана Катич уходит из «Касла» из-за конфликта с Натаном Филлионом

A couple of days ago it became known that detective series “castle” leaves the actress, who one of the main roles. After the eighth season, fans of the series will never see on the screens of Kate Beckett in the performance of the Mills Katic.

Previously it was assumed that personnel changes related to the fact that “castle” cut the funding, in fact the reason was quite different.

According to rumors, Katic leaves the show because of the constant scandals with his main counterpart, Natano Fillion.

Rumor has it that Nathan and Mill for several years clashed on the set, why Katic was often crying in the dressing room, and after was in a bad mood. Fans and spectators into the details of these relationships of the actors is extremely hard to believe, because on screen the characters castle and Beckett were a great complement to each other and seemed to have suffered these relationships in real life.

Browsers that support a version of what Mill could leave the show because of Fillion. With presumptuous and scandalous Fillion’t get along with many employees of the crew, but Stan Katic got the most.

By the way, information about whether “castle” renewed for season 9 yet. perhaps care the Mills will become a final point in this story.


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