Майли Сайрус вышла на свидание с Кэйтлин Картер

The paparazzi photographed a date Miley Cyrus and her sweetheart Caitlin Carter. The girls went for a walk in new York, choosing a total black outfits.

Майли Сайрус вышла на свидание с Кэйтлин Картер

It seems like everyone’s used to the fact that Miley is no longer the wife of Liam Hemsworth. And for her affair with model Caitlin Karten watching all of Hollywood. But the girls do not mind, because after a vacation in Italy they do not hide the feelings, and safely spend time together in front of the cameras.

The couple went out for dinner in new York. Girls chose similar bows to date. And Miley and Caitlin wearing black outfits. The singer for dinner, chose a short black knit top and straight pants with high waist, from the coolness of her rescued black trench coat. Complements the image of the boots with a sharp silver socks, small handbag and large yellow glasses, which became the only bright accent. Companion Miley also appeared in all black, however, her image has become more open and sexy. Caitlin on a date wearing a short leather skirt, a black shirt and a classic blazer. Among the accessories may be noted the clutch and belt with silver accents.

Майли Сайрус вышла на свидание с Кэйтлин Картер

Girls were holding hands and looked very harmoniously.

This week Miley Cyrus appeared in a total black image, by visiting the fashion show of the brand “Tom Ford” at fashion Week in new York. For this event she chose black pants, a long coat and a shirt with cleavage. As stressed by the fans, underwear Miley wore. Not see it was difficult.

Майли Сайрус вышла на свидание с Кэйтлин Картер

Emphasized the seductiveness of this image and caitlyn Carter, “drew drool” on a photo of his beloved. Cyrus posted in his Instagram a picture from show. On it the singer is depicted with a slightly open shirt on the chest.

“Oh God!” commented on the Carter and added a drooling smiley.

We will remind, about the affair, Miley and Caitlin became known in mid-August, 2019. Rumors were pictures with the rest of her friends on lake Como in Italy, where the girls not only rode on the boat and sunbathed, but merged in a passionate kiss. It managed to capture photographers.

It happened a few days after the announcement of agents of Miley Cyrus about the breakup of her relationship with her husband, actor Liam Hamartoma. The couple has been together ten years and were married in December 2019.

-You don’t understand what it’s like. I don’t want to talk about it, commented on kiss Miley “Daily Mail Australia” Liam Hemsworth, who after the break went to “lick” the wound to my brother in Australia.

Initially, the main reason for the separation of Liam and the representative of the singer Miley Cyrus called “the desire to focus on a career and themselves.” But later, there were new reasons. Insiders circle Miley Cyrus started to say that Liam liked to drink and had used specific drugs, and representatives of the Hemsworth Cyrus was accused of infidelity.

Note that the Miley girl — Caitlin Carter also recently went through a breakup with her husband Brody Jenner — brother of Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

First time officially Miley Cyrus came out with a new lover on August 26 in new Jersey, visiting the 36th award ceremony “MTV Video Music Awards, 2019”.

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