Майли Сайрус попала в больницу из-за ангины

Майли Сайрус попала в больницу из-за ангины

The last months the whole world is much discussion of the personal life of the singer Miley Cyrus. Recently 26-year-old singer decided to stop rumors about his love Affairs and put on Instagram pictures from the hospital. Turns out the girl found acute tonsillitis.

Miley Cyrus is known to all not only as a singer but also a very successful blogger, so even the smallest details of her personal life are always known to the public. This time everything happened as usual, the girl was hospitalized on 8 September, and she immediately posted pictures from the event, telling fans that recovering from tonsillitis.

The photographs suggest that the singer is in a private hospital, private room. The hospital is located in the Central district of Los Angeles. The staff gave Miley a hospital gown, which she wore, but slightly improved. She managed regular special clothes to do it in a pretty dress, with low neck and bare shoulders.

Next to celebrity is her mom Tish Cyrus. It became clear at one of the pictures where she is standing in front of the mirror, and my mother gently brushes her hair. Also support in the treatment of Miley came from her colleagues: stylist and photographer, presented flowers and wished a speedy recovery. Her boyfriend Cody Simpson also came to the hospital with rose petals and a guitar. He sang a song which was written for her personally. The girl commented on the act of very gently: “Now I feel much better. My sweet boyfriend came to visit me in the hospital and sang a song written especially for me. This is special”.

Now Miley is still in hospital, but never told about his condition and course of treatment. About how she feels and when they return to normal life, we will watch. And while celebrities wish a speedy recovery and strength for recovery.

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