Miley Cyrus was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Майли Сайрус диагностировали обсессивно-компульсивное расстройство

More recently, singer Miley Cyrus, infamous for its photoshoots and outfits, invited a team of Cosmopolitan magazine in the home of her parents near Nashville. She walked together with reporters and told many interesting things about his life. Readers were able to learn about working on a new album, charity, famous relatives of actors and about she has been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Майли Сайрус диагностировали обсессивно-компульсивное расстройство

“I’m a real control freak. I even was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder,” says country music singer interviewer. “I always try to follow a certain order. Even leftover pizza in the box symmetrically laid out. I think it annoys many.”

But if all goes as Miley wants it, she has a way to relax and collect thoughts together. The star admitted that she practices yoga and does special breathing exercises, which can make breathing and help you relax.

In late September, Miley Cyrus released a new album Younger now that was a complete reflection of her. The star shared with journalists interesting story that happened to her during recording. On the eve of recording one of the songs, Miley had a wonderful dream, which was attended by her younger sister Noah. The girl is only 17 years old, but she already walked in the footsteps of their star family and early career as musicians. “I once had a dream that my younger sister, Noah rode in the car and suddenly the radio came a great song. Noah said it was her favorite song and just such a cool track, everybody likes it. Then I said, “Sorry that I am not the author”. When I woke up,actually wrote a new song! I invented it in my sleep!” admiringly says Cyrus.

Майли Сайрус диагностировали обсессивно-компульсивное расстройство

As Cyrus spoke about how hard she had to finish the album, because it worked on him in the summer. It was very difficult to return to work in a stuffy Studio, when everyone rushed to the sandy beaches and cooling off in the water.

The singer has shared with journalists the fact that very upset because of the loss of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. But instead of being sad, she decided to do charity work. “I launched our own social program Hopeful Hippie,” says Miley. “We try to help children from disadvantaged families get a good education. I did not expect that I support so many people. It is very nice.”

Miley was born in the star family, because her father is a country musician and her mother is actress and producer. The singer told about that. what it taught by the parents. “Nobody and nothing stands still. Things change and people and circumstances. We grow, develop, look at things differently. And you should always listen to your partner, respect it and be ready to adapt to the new situation if you really love the person and want to save your relationship.”

“My dad says that hard times is not a reason to give up, so you need to keep trying to succeed. And I still live!” shares Miley to be his main life principle.