Майли Сайрус отшлепал пасхальный кролик в фотосессии для Vogue

25-year-old singer Miley Cyrus shared with fans a series of 15 pictures in honor of Easter. The photo shoot was organized by Vogue magazine. Vivid pictures of the artiste posted on his page in instagram.

Майли Сайрус отшлепал пасхальный кролик в фотосессии для Vogue

The photo shoot turned out very spicy and diverse. Each photo has its own theme and the image, which transforms the singer. In one image she poses with pink Bunny ears sitting on a chair and holding a fluffy white cat, and another even gave spank me himself the Easter Bunny.

Development of images was involved in Bradley Throw Macek and photographed Widget Mahindra.

Earlier, the actress shared with insider ideas for a future wedding. “They love each other for almost nine years, but now is the time. Before their marriage let career, age and family,” he told the insider, and added that the parents of Liam’s always had warm feelings to the girl son.

Майли Сайрус отшлепал пасхальный кролик в фотосессии для Vogue
“While parents Miley always loved Liam, his father and mother were outraged by its scandalous behavior,” — said the source.

Now everything has changed: Miley stopped his dissolute way of living, changed habits, and the parents of her boyfriend had a change of heart. As they say, the hand to put Elsa Pataky, the wife of Liam’s brother Chris. “Elsa and Miley has always been very close, and Elsa really stood up for her,” says an insider.

However, to expect the imminent wedding of stars makes no sense. To this question Liam and Miley fit with a particular responsibility. “Miley have a lot of plans regarding the wedding. She is very creative and every time I think about some new ideas that her party was not like the others. She wants a simple celebration, something like a wedding on a ranch,” he added. It is unknown the date of the celebration or the venue.

“She never said anything because she is very secretive. So it will know only their friends, and then at the last minute,” he concluded.