Miley Cyrus refuses to go to star track

Майли Сайрус отказывается выходить на звездные дорожки
Scandalous singer once again shocked the audience.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Photo: legion-media

The controversial 23-year-old singer Miley Cyrus once again shocked her fans. She declared that more never will be on the red carpet and not allow itself to shoot Hollywood photographers. “Who am I anyway, to walk down a red carpet at social events in that time, somewhere starving children? Because I, you know, famous and rich? Well, no. More with me this will not work.”

Many argue that the hitherto adoring outrageous antics-star the beneficial influence of her fiancé actor Liam Hemsworth. After the engagement with them Miley really changed. No go out half-naked, under the influence of alcohol or cigarette, scandals and hysterics. All summer she has worked at two major television projects, one of them is a TV show “the Voice.” And finished shooting and began to hone his new image of the girl with renewed energy.

There is another version of why such a public figure abandons the high life of Hollywood. Miley starred in the television series woody Allen (the first in his long film career) about life in the 60-ies in new York. Cyrus plays a young rebel hippie, and Allen himself — the seller of ice cream. Miley said in an interview with Elle magazine about the dialogue of her character with the character of woody: “How can you stand there with your machine for the manufacture of ice cream when so many people in the world starving?” And Miley says that she was very easy to utter such remarks because they coincide with her own attitude and sometimes she can’t sleep at night because of the feeling of guilt to all mankind.