Miley Cyrus is ready to create a family

Майли Сайрус готова к созданию семьи
It has been a year of famous singer Miley Cyrus back together with her ex-lover Liam Hemsworth, and apparently the couple now getting serious.

Майли Сайрус готова к созданию семьи

When communicating with reporters, Miley admitted that her marriage is too serious a step, and it is not yet ready. But apparently now all this is changed.

Майли Сайрус готова к созданию семьи

“They are confident in their relations as ever. Miley told Liam that her main priority is family and children. He, in turn, do not mind to make this serious step and wants to become a father,” says a source close to the couple.

According to the insider, Miley here for a year does not drink alcohol and preparing for pregnancy.

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