Miley Cyrus has not yet decided on their sexual orientation

Майли Сайрус ещё не определилась со своей сексуальной ориентацией

Miley Cyrus was going to marry her beloved Liam Hemsworth, but still not decided either with their sexual orientation or which gender it belongs to. In an interview with special edition of Variety Power of Women Miley was asked if she considers herself to LGBT communities.

“All my life I did not understand his own gender, nor their sexual orientation. I always hated the word “bisexual” because it puts me in a rigid framework. I don’t consider their partners to the floor.
I started thinking about my sexuality later, in the sixth class. I grew up in a very religious southern family. The universe always gave me to understand that I will be OK. I know that my parents don’t understand me, and I hope that they still will understand me” said Miley.
Cyrus even went to the LGBT center to help yourself understand what is going on with her and whether it is normal.
“I came into the LGBT center in Los Angeles and met several people who, like me, are not defined by their sexuality. I met a girl that claimed. that she was two floors. I looked at her and saw a beautiful woman, a little tough, it really lived two people, male and female. Then I realized. that I’m closer to these people than to other “normal” outside of this center. I don’t feel neither heterosexual nor homosexual, I’m a neutral, don’t know, I’m a woman, or a man” — admitted the singer.
Recall that Miley started going out with my ex-current boyfriend, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth a year ago after a year of separation. Unlike their previous novel, this time they don’t talk about my relationships, leaving us to languish in the dark.