Miley Cyrus for the first time in three years, came out with her fiancé

Майли Сайрус впервые за три года вышла в свет со своим женихом
Preparations for the wedding singer is in full swing.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth


Visitors to a charity event in Los Angeles,
organized by the publication Variety,
was genuinely surprised when 23-year-old singer Miley Cyrus
arrived at the party not one, and accompanied by Liam Hemsworth. The fact that it was their first joint
the publication for the last three years. Because before that, they were last seen together
in Los Angeles in August of 2013, on
the premiere of “Paranoia”. Besides,
lately in Hollywood, there were rumors that Miley decided to leave
Liam. However, their appearance at the event denied the rumors: it was just
it is impossible not to notice that the couple looked completely happy and
hide their feelings for each other. About it reported the Internet-the website of the Us Magazine.

Miley started Dating Hemsworth in 2011
year, and in 2012 they announced their engagement. Soon, however, Miley unexpectedly
announced that she and Liam decided to leave. However, as he admitted once
The Hemsworth, linked to Miley real and deep feeling. So when the three
years after the termination of the relationship, they reunited again, no one in particular
not surprised. Since the arm Mayrus again flaunts ring solid
the size of the diamond, given to her loved ones in 2012.

As for the upcoming wedding, it is claimed
to be held this fall in Australia, and after marriage they
going to go to Bora Bora. Currently, the lovebirds are busy
at the ceremony, and in parallel, enjoying a quiet life together.
The amazing thing is that Cyrus, who had managed to earn the reputation as a scandalous person and a lover of shocking,
since then, as she was reunited with Liam, became a homebody, and, according to
her girlfriend has a new passion for cooking! And in his spare time from household time
Miley deals with her new form of creativity – she’s working on a new play
for theatre.