Майли Сайрус рассказала, почему заводила отношения с девушками

Майли Сайрус рассказала, почему заводила отношения с девушками

Controversial American singer Miley Cyrus, recently went to the hospital because of angina. So now she has more time to communicate with their fans on social networks. She recently went live, where he answered questions from subscribers, there she told him why she met with the girls and commented on your first kiss with a new boyfriend.

While in the hospital, Miley came to visit her new boyfriend Cody Simpson. Together they decided to conduct an online chat with subscribers of Instagram, where the portion-to-date information regarding personal life of the singer.

Most of the fans were interested in information concerning the past relationship of Miley with girls. She openly declared that never were convinced that it is bad. It turned out, for my whole life, Miley was very unlucky with men, so she decided to try to change their orientation. Earlier, before the advent in her life, Cody Simpson, she believed that all men are evil, now her opinion has changed. “In my life, I met a good man, and now he’s here with me connected online,” added the singer.

Most likely, the singer is now happily in a relationship with Cody, and it did not care about the scandalous divorce with Liam Hemsworth. And its this statement, we can say that Cyrus officially confirmed the relationship with the new guy.

Interesting information has also become the story of Cody, about their first kiss. It turns out that the pair had known each other for a very long time, and the first time they had kissed four years ago in the house Miley. At that time it was a passing fancy, which no one took seriously.

Before Cyrus was in the hospital, the pair made themselves both a new tattoo. This art showed Miley in his page in Instagram. The girl had chosen as a new tattoo heart pierced by a sword, which appeared on her shoulder, Cody also got a tattoo on his chest. However, the guy flaunts a small skull with a scythe.

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