Майли Сайрус отменила свадьбу!
The singer broke off the engagement with her fiance.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus


25-year-old Miley Cyrus has second thoughts about marrying
Liam Hemsworth. As reported by one of her friends
singer Miley called off the wedding and now lives in Australia with Liam and his
parents in Los Angeles.

Fans of the singer some time ago already suspected that the relationship Miley with her fiance, whom she began Dating in 2012, there were some
problem: last month they were not seen together. On formal occasions they have not appeared together since the spring of this year.
Suspicions worsened after about a week ago, Miley was removed from
your account’s entire archive, including many pictures with Liam.

About the cause of the break
relationship yet officially announced was not, however, rumored lovers
quarreled because of differences in the question of when to have children. Liam has two brothers who also became actors, Luke and Chris, they have married and acquired offspring. Hemsworth,
looking at them, too, wants to settle down and have children. But as it turned out, it absolutely is not included in the next
plans Miley. In the result of discussion of this issue, they argued. Cyrus decided that it is not necessary to start a wedding if the Hemsworth marriage
suggests the imminent appearance of the children.

Say, Liam is very upset, but Miley is going through
on the abolition of marriage much less. She recently admitted that they seeks to get married. “I’m 25 years old,
I’m still young. I would like to live a little for yourself. Because I want more
lot of work to do before I marry!” — says the singer.