Майли Сайрус сообщила о грядущем пополнении в их семействе
Fans showered the singer with compliments.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus
made a statement the other day, very pleased her fans. She admitted
in the coming year, in their family awaited. Fans literally
bombarded the singer of congratulations, because her fans had long been dreaming of when
25-year-old singer finally has the baby from Liam Hemsworth, with whom she began
to meet 9 years ago and I bet who will be like a child.

Alas, Miley fans had to endure a bitter disappointment. It turned out that it is not about pregnancy Cyrus. On
really Miley, a passionate lover of animals, decided to add another
PSA to the whole cohort already living in her house dogs. As for serious
tone, which had made the above statement, it surprised him not
after all, Cyrus has a dog no less anxious than parents to
their children. Recently, for example, Miley boasted a new tattoo in honor of one
of their Pets pit bull Mary Jane: her portrait she decorated her leg.

As for the relationship with Hemsworth, though Miley and admitted more than once,
that it connects with Liam’s deep and strong feeling of their wedding in the near future
however, it is hardly worth the wait. Have Cyrus just no time for this: she writes
new music, from time to time appears on the TV show Voice. And besides, would like this
year to get a role in some movie….

We recall that Cyrus and Hemsworth began
to meet once in August 2008. Soon they began to live together, and in 2012-m
announced their engagement. However, less than a year after they called off the engagement. But
as argued by both, they continued to love each other. Last year they reunited, and Miley again
there is the ring, which at the time gave her for the engagement, Liam.