Майли Сайрус и Лиам Хемсворт перенесли свадьбу

American singer Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth upset fans. The bride and groom decided to move his small Australian wedding, which was to be held this summer, in the fall.

“Miley, as always, plans change seven times a day. She also don’t want to spend your honeymoon in Bora Bora, just didn’t want to go there, said she already don’t like it there”— said the insider. But even if that happens, we are likely to learn about it, as a fait accompli. Since then, as the pair resumed their relationship, neither Miley nor Liam don’t talk about my relationship, and only on rare paparazzi pics and even more rare photos on the page of each other in a social network, we can make sure they are all good.
In September, Miley debuts as coach of the musical show “The Voice”, so that in the fall of Cyrus is a very busy. I hope this doesn’t become a reason to once again postpone the wedding indefinitely.

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