Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend quarrel over children

Майли Сайрус и ее бойфренд ссорятся из-за детей
The singer does not want to wait until they get married.

Майли Сайрус и ее бойфренд ссорятся из-за детей

Miley Cyrus


How to tell the girlfriend singer Miley Cyrus, which in total
Dating Liam Hemsworth is 6 years old (without a break in their
relationships that happened in 2013), the last time the singer often quarrel
with her boyfriend. The fact that Miley desperately wants a baby, and her favorite
doesn’t want to rush into having offspring. He insists that
first, they formalized the marriage. And since the talk about the impending wedding
go for a long time, and the date of marriage to
still not assigned, Miley began to lose patience.

In fact, the reason of the conflict of Cyrus and her boyfriend rooted first
just, they received a different education. Liam grew up in a fairly conservative
family: his mother worked as an English teacher, and his father — consultant
in social service. But Miley was raised in a Bohemian environment. Her dad is singer Billy ray Cyrus and mother — actress
Leticia Jean Cyrus found time to get married only a year after the birth of Miley . And all the parents of the singer raised six children — three daughters and three
sons, and some of them — from a previous relationship Beat ray and Letizia.

It is not surprising that 24-year-old Miley always dreamed of that big and noisy
the family of which were her own. But at the same time, a bit skeptical
treated the institution of marriage. “I think the younger generation has developed a bit
other views than the former, on the birth of children and their education. We have
there is an indispensable need to first acquire a legitimate relationship
document signed, stamped and
date,” said she. So she could well do without
the official ceremony. And Liam is configured differently. What will their
conflict — time will tell. However, we
hope that they would still be able to negotiate. After all, as you say
anyone who knows Saury, Liam has a very positive

Miley Cyrus with Liam Hemsworth