Милана Кержакова: «Саша обещал, что сын будет жить со мной» Milan Kerzhakov openly talked with Ksenia Sobchak about what’s going on in her family in the last few months. According to the girl, she is on the right track and hopes to be able to change their lives for the sake of the child.
Милана Кержакова: «Саша обещал, что сын будет жить со мной»

Scandal in the family of Alexander Kerzhakov has thundered like a bolt from the sky. A couple of months ago the wife of the athlete Milan said that long ago broke up with the father of her child, not flattering spoke about the former forward of “Zenith”.

Last week, the situation began to acquire new details: Milan accused her husband that he had taken her baby, and several days later confessed to severe dependence. In the end, fans of the star couple became entangled in the situation, not knowing who the villain is. In the end, she decided to give a candid interview with Ksenia Sobchak, to say out loud: Alexander Kerzhakov — a great dad who is trying to help her.

“While I undergo treatment, the child will remain with Sasha. But then he will live with me. He promised me. Yes, I know about the situation with his previous wife, but there all a little different. I talked to this girl, Katya Safronova, and she had a big problem with drugs, I saw it myself. While still in the marriage and despite this fact, I thought it would be right to give her the opportunity to communicate with the child, but Sasha was their agreement, which did not happen,” — said Milan.
Милана Кержакова: «Саша обещал, что сын будет жить со мной»

My addiction, she also does not hide. She noted that he took hard drugs for several months. For Milana substances are a kind of attempt to escape from the pain, which it faced after the death of his father. Now, however, Kerzhakov regret his own weakness that compelled her to rush headlong into the maelstrom of bad habits.

According to Milana, her entourage specifically spread unflattering rumors about Alexander to after the divorce to get all the money, put the girl. Now, the spouses negotiate the terms of your separation and property division. Ex-fiancee of footballer does not hide: after finally breaking with Kerzhakov it will get about two million dollars.

However, the main thing that now worries Milan — not money, but a year-old son. According to the girl, for the sake of the baby she went to a settlement agreement with Alexander.

“You know, any my attempt to discuss the situation with the child, he cuts off the words “after clinic”. As soon as I start to ask, there’s a scandal. It puts pressure on me because if I don’t agree to this peace Treaty, the court decision on the issue of child custody will still not be rendered in my favor”, — said footballer’s wife.

This situation not only ruined the relationship of Alexander with his wife and mother-in-law. “Problems started when he said he cannot and that we need to separate. Then between Sasha and mother, there was no confrontation — it all started later, when I went to the clinic, and mom was left to decide my legal matters. They could not agree about anything, I have no idea. The two sides offer me a diametrically opposed version. He says that our side did not agree to his proposal, my mom says the opposite — that did not agree Sasha’s side. In the end, for me, it is not obvious who here is telling the truth,” recalled Milan.

Anyway, she hopes that black stripe in her life will end soon. Communicating with L’officiel she said that she wants to quickly finish the course of treatment and be reunited with his son. Moreover, now Milan have a good job, she was offered Yana Rudkovskaya. It is possible that the scandal in the family Kiriakovich this time will be resolved without litigation.