Milan Kerzhakov poses pregnant in a bikini in Mauritius

Беременная Милана Кержакова позирует в бикини на Маврикии Expectant mother together with the husband resting on exotic Islands. The wife of the famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov, which will soon give him a son, bathed in the Indian ocean and enjoying the hot sun welcoming the South of the country.

      Alexander and Milan Kerzhakov decided to have a rest before you are immersed in caring for the newborn baby. The couple few weeks the baby comes. Milan Kerzhakov is a fairly decent pregnancy, but apparently, the doctors allowed the expectant mother to travel.

      These cold December days celebrity couple holds in a very hot place. Milan and Alexander Kerzhakov decided to pass from winter to summer and chose the exotic island of Mauritius in the Indian ocean. Paradisiacal beaches, lagoons with crystal clear water, huge baobabs and mango, plenty of turtles – this place is able to charm each guest. Mauritius is considered a benchmark of luxury. Associated with the tale and the world of exotics.

      Kerzhakova chose a beach vacation. Alexander and Milan are in awe of the weather and the natural beauty of Mauritius. From the photos they share with followers of his microblog, and breathes happiness. Expectant mother loves to take it up his white body in the hot sun, basking in the sun loungers on the beach.

      “We’re happy!”, – Milan Kerzhakov has signed the picture in which she is depicted in a white bikini

      The expectant mother looks just fine. Obviously, pregnancy is painting a young woman, adding her special charm. Subscribers Milana Kerzhakova, who only noticed her changed shape, and began to congratulate with the upcoming replenishment.

      “How beautiful!” “Stay a little longer there because in Russia’s freezing out here”, “fairy Tale!” “What’s that wonderful time Congratulations on the imminent completion!”, such comments under the photos from Mauritius followers leave Kerzhakova.

      Recall that the wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov for a child, it became known a few days ago. Athlete declassified interesting position of the wife, published a joint photo with her. “Soon in our house, one man will be more!”, – signed the Kerzhakov, whose future child will be the third child. Alexander and Milan Kerzhakov revealed the sex of the baby

      For Milana kerzhakovu the heir will be the firstborn and her husband have a daughter Dasha from his marriage with Marina Head and son Igor from the civil wife Catherine Safronova. The boy lives in a new family of the father, and gets along well with her stepmother Milan, which will soon give him a little brother.