Milan Kerzhakov openly talked about the difficult period in life

Милана Кержакова откровенно рассказала о трудном периоде в жизни The player’s wife lost this year, father. After the death of a close relative of Milan Kerzhakov supported famous husband Alexander. The choice of the athlete changed their attitude to many things.
Милана Кержакова откровенно рассказала о трудном периоде в жизни

This year the family of a famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov had an accident, died the father-in-law. The wife of the athlete suffered heavy loss of a loved one. A young mother has written to all forces on the education of children, a famous husband supported his wife.

“It was very hard. And Sasha supported as much as they could. But in these situations to give advice is difficult: every person who experienced such should come to their own realization of what happened a situation. And continue to move forward. I needed to do for a certain period of time, and Sasha was always there, and I am very grateful,” said Milan.

According to Milana, the grief that happened to her changed her life. Kerzhakov was to spend more time with my family, not wasting yourself on trifles. “The secondary objectives are trying to cut off and focus on what’s important. As practice shows, life is very ephemeral and short-lived thing. And all of us are often mistaken, believing that we have accomplished important things and make serious and needed doing,” said the wife sportsmen.

This year in the family of Alexander Kerzhakov has also happened a joyful event. Milan gave birth to the footballer’s third successor of Artemis.

“It so happened that my contractions started at night and we immediately went to the hospital. In the house he was not present, but immediately after birth, obstetric wearing the dressing gown and took the baby in his arms. Saw the son of one of the first. Aunt or the brother who was with us, he was removed” – shared Kerzhakov in an interview with “TV”.