Milan Kerzhakov: “my mother was assassinated”

Милана Кержакова: «На мою маму было совершено покушение» The player’s wife is afraid for the life of a relative. Milan Kerzhakov told followers that her mom almost suffered at the hands of criminals. The woman is experiencing severe stress. She believes that people who want to hurt their family, they will find you.
Милана Кержакова: «На мою маму было совершено покушение»

Wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Milan announced the shocking news. Young woman this year who lost her father, nearly lost his mother-Natalia. The wife of an athlete told about the incident on his microblog.

“On my mom yesterday, was assassinated. Our family still can not recover from the endured stress and tragedy only more knocked us out of the rut. I don’t know who the perpetrators, but the criminal case is conducted, and therefore, sooner or later, someone should be held accountable for everything that happens with impunity. Otherwise, no words, thank God that everything worked out,” wrote Milan on the social network page by posting a picture from the photo shoot of her.

Subscribers Carakovo were horrified from the incident. “O my Lord! Milan hold on,” “take care of yourself and loved ones. I hope the perpetrators will be punished to the fullest extent”, “Thank God you’re alive! A black stripe of some sort. Let all the bad things remain in the past”, “the horror! Where to roll this world!” exclaimed indifferent to the situation of Network users.

As explained Milan, Natalia was hit with a sledgehammer when you exit the garage. Since the review the wife of Alexander was written with errors, some followers began to suspect that her account on the social network and not hacked.

We will remind that in April of this year his father passed away of Milana, Vadim Tulpanov. The policy became ill during a visit to the bath complex in St. Petersburg. He fell and hit his head. Many did not believe that the man died of natural causes, so was a criminal case.

The young woman’s family suffered heavy loss. Alexander Kerzhakov was supported by people close to him. As acknowledged late footballer’s wife, she is grateful wife for what he was there during the difficult moments.

“You want to tell your husband that he is an incredible support for all of us that he’s the father of my child and the man I love with all my heart, because now it replaces all such doubly necessary man’s shoulder,” – wrote in the microblog Milan.