Milan Kerzhakov is recovering from a nervous breakdown

Милана Кержакова восстанавливается после нервного истощения Preparing to conduct charity events with celebrities, the wife of famous footballer has experienced the strongest stress. In the result of Milan Kerzhakov for a few days retired and focused on their own health.

21 may in Saint-Petersburg took place the solemn “Flower Ball” charity Fund of Alexander Kerzhakov “Stars for children”. The hosts of the evening were Andrey Malakhov, Xenia Sobchak, Igor Vernik Olga Orlova and Dmitry Khrustalev.

Celebrity endorsed Kiriakovich

The event was also attended by the wife of a famous athlete Milan. Fans of the women noticed that after the evening, the darling of the football player stopped updating his blog. Milan lost by a week’s Instagram. Wednesday, may 31, Kerzhakov decided to appeal to members and partners of the event to clarify the situation. In recognition of Milana, she has experienced the strongest stress, which has suspended active operations.

“My dear friends,subscribers, benefactors, donors, colleagues. I want to apologise to you. Sorry for the fact that exactly a week after the holding of the incredibly important events for me I had the whole of life – the reason, unfortunately, was a nervous wreck, probably rightly at the time, my dad used to say: “to Each is given a test exactly.” At that moment my strength is probably over,” shared the woman.

In addition, Kerzhakov thanked everyone who participated in the preparatory work for the charity evening. “No need to be a philosopher to know that the key point of any big story is the team,” said Milan. The woman also listed the names of everyone who worked with her.

Continuing to talk about the event, Milan also appealed to the guests of the evening and to all those who came to support the charity ball. “I sincerely hope that in addition to the creation of good deeds you have managed to combine this with an enjoyable pastime,” said she. A special word of gratitude to the woman expressed the host of the event, as well as the beloved spouse.

“And, of course, I want to say thanks to another man – her husband Alexander Kerzhakov, without whom this initiative would never have begun. You’re part of my heart, I love you very much and I will always be on your side. PS next time we will do even better,” said Milan.

We also add that fourth day of April, died the father of the wife of a famous football player – Senator Vadim Tulpanov, the former head of legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg. Relatives and friends of the official could not believe the sad news. Indifferent to the grief of the family group tried to find the words to help his family survive the loss. Milan Kerzhakov can not accept the loss of his father