Milan Kerzhakov is looking for a bride for my brother

Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

  • Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

    Victoria Yunda, Milan Kerzhakov and Katrina Gysin helped to raise money for treatment of seriously ill girl

  • Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

    Before the master class Milan “dressed up” in a special “ammunition”

  • Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

    “Actually, my brother cooks better than me,” joked Milan

  • Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

    The special sauce for crostini Milan prepared herself

  • Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

    “Mom approves!” Natalia group came to support his daughter

  • Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

    Milan Kerzhakov admitted that he was good at making cheesecakes

  • Милана Кержакова ищет невесту для брата

    “As I prepare for motherhood? As you can see, I stand at the plate,” he joked Kerzhakov

  • This traditional Italian appetizer will now have the best scorer of Russia

Soon Alexander and Milan Kerzhakova become parents. Despite the upcoming birth, yet that the wife of a famous football player leads an active social life. Pregnant Milan is preparing a children’s charity show, which airs at the end of April, and is also promoting a book my husband “the Best.”

Kerzhakov Milan prepared for a meeting with the son

Recently an expectant mother took part in a charity cooking class in the restaurant “Garland” where it was accompanied by the famous it-girl Victoria UNDA and Catherine Gysin. Girls shared duties in the kitchen together. Milan have been cooking traditional Italian appetizers – crostini with pastrami.

“Actually, I’m not a very good cook, though, when we lived in Switzerland, then in the morning I indulged her husband’s cheesecakes. Now learn to do this snack and try to do it for him. I think it would be better here to call my brother, Vladislav. He cooks much better than me,” admitted Kerzhakov during the master class.

The event was also attended by the mother and grandmother of Milana. Because during the master-class girlfriend of a celebrity was broadcasting live in one of the social networks, she has received a question from one of podeschi about Vladislav Tulpanov: “How can we meet him?”

Kerzhakov immediately began to extol his beloved brother, and then asked: “And how many of the girl age? All the girls I advise to get acquainted with him via what’sapp, it is a worthy suitor!”

Indeed, he has become an Internet star. Milan often puts theater with his participation, and also shows video fragments of concerts, which the guy satisfied at home. The boy received compliments about her singing, but a few months ago he managed to fulfill with Love the assumption song “To a single tender.”

After cooking meals Milan conceded a place at the table the other girls, and she said “StarHit” that the purpose of this master class is to raise money to purchase the simulator gross for a three-year Olesya, which costs about 100 thousand rubles. The girl was born with the diagnosis “spinal muscular atrophy”, and at the moment she can’t walk and stand. The Fund has already paid for the rehabilitation of Olesya. According to doctors, her condition improved substantially, but now she needs a special trainer.

“The Fund “Stars for children” trying to help people who find themselves in difficult life situations. You just need to contact the organization to bring documents and we will continue to work and try to help,” added Kerzhakov.