Milan Kerzhakov has found a way to get my son Artem the husband-football player

Милана Кержакова нашла способ забрать сына Артема у мужа-футболиста
Milan Kerzhakov came to the courtroom on October 23, when the lawyers were discussing the case, which defined the residence of her son Artyom, a dad who is Alexander Kerzhakov.

Милана Кержакова нашла способ забрать сына Артема у мужа-футболиста

Recall, after Milan’s father died, her life was spiraling. It turned out that the girl was treated for drug addiction, the husband took the baby, and now it shows only on Skype, the decision of the court of Alexander does not, refusing to give the mother of a son.

Milan determined. She said at the court hearing on October 23 she came purposefully as understood – husband again arrange there some kind of spectacle.

But now she is getting ready to arrive at the house where her son, with police, to justice.

“Alexander is not in contact with me completely. Said voluntarily of the child will not give. I plan to solve this situation in the legal field, to await the decision of the city court concerning his appeal. If it is rejected, then go to pick up my son from using bailiffs. Temik is still very small, he hardly speaks”

– Milan said in an interview

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