Milan Kerzhakov for the first time became a mother

Милана Кержакова впервые стала мамой The player’s wife gave birth to a son. Milan Kerzhakov is in one of clinics of St. Petersburg. The boy’s father has already shown the first picture with the heir. Fans congratulate athlete with a growing family.

      Wife of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov Milan for the first time became a mother. The son of athlete was born in a clinic in St. Petersburg. Now a mother with a newborn baby feel great and receive many congratulations from relatives and friends. The boy’s father personally shared the good news with your subscribers.

      “Thank you for your son, my love” – thanked the wife of Alexander, laying out the chamber with baby in her arms.

      “Congratulations! Health of mother and baby!”, “Congratulations to your family from my heart!” “The new top scorer”, “What a little bitty thing!” – admired by followers of the player.

      While Milan and Alexander is not misleading, what is the name picked for his heir. Even before the baby is born, the couple had discussed as a family how to name him. Young woman admitted that during the pregnancy gained 20 extra pounds. However, fans were quick to convince Kerzakov she looks beautiful, and pregnancy only adorns it and makes it incredibly feminine. They believe that the wife of the athlete quickly lose the weight and get back in shape.

      The couple eagerly awaited the birth of the baby. A few weeks before the birth of Milan addressed to his future successor through “StarHit”.

      “I’m incredibly anxious to see you, to hold, and, of course, I wish you were like your father, then you, handsome, you’ll certainly be attracting all the girls. I also believe that you and I have no problems – because you’re my son, and therefore you’ll grow a man independent, inquisitive and active. When you got it all settled, we’re not calmed down, did not stop flying, traveling. Did you like the sea? You will soon see him yourself!” – wrote Kerzhakov to your child.

      A few days before the appearance of the boy’s family Kiriakovich had to deal with tragedy – as a result of the accident died dad Milana – Senator of St. Petersburg Vadim Tulpanov. For all the relatives it was a real blow. The man was only 52 years old. Daughter always talked about strong links with parents, thanking them for the upbringing and always listened to their opinion on any issue. “Everything is possible”: how do remember Vadim Tyulpanov his family