Milan Kerzhakov can not accept the loss of his father

Милана Кержакова не может смириться с потерей отца The wife of a famous footballer going through a difficult loss. Three weeks ago dad is lovely. Kerzhakova Vadim of Tulips has passed away. Apparently, the young mother still has not recovered. Members tried to comfort favorite.

The fourth of April, he died a Senator of St. Petersburg Vadim Tulpanov. Family and friends official could not believe the tragic news. Daughter men Milan Kerzhakov has found support from numerous followers in Instagram. Indifferent to her grief tried to find the right words to somehow help the woman survive the loss.

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But despite the hundreds of warm wishes and my family, Milan yearns for a father. Previously, she has admitted that was not close to my dad, but still loves and appreciates it. Perhaps that is why Kerzhakov has more to share with fans personal experiences and photographs from the family archive. So, she placed in the microblog the photo, which depicted a girl sitting on the neck of the father. Frame blonde signed very succinctly.


“In addition to all these political statuses, it was just my dad. Cheer,” wrote Milan.

Of course, subscribers could not pass up touching post and not the woman to Express condolences. Users of social networks tried to provide Kerzhakova support and to surround with love to soften her experiences and help to get out of depression. They’ve left dozens of comments with kind words and good wishes to the young mother.

“Stay as possible! Precious words. Make you think, to stop and rethink much of what happens to us every day, even on what did not pay attention. Close – they are not eternal. Take care of them while alive. I wish you peace and goodness!”, “Milan, you are a strong and wise woman! You can feel it. I wish you all well!” “My condolences to you and your family”, “Ilanochka you bright and kind person! To survive such a loss is very difficult, but you can do it, because now you have someone to live for! The baby is a whole new meaning!” – posted online fans family famous football player.

But after a while she has removed the post from microblog, despite the support of numerous poklonnikov.

In addition, recently a young woman shared with followers another memory. She posted a video, which depicted as her brother Vlad plays the piano. The boy plays a song that always liked Vadim Tulpanov. Milan quoted verses from the symbolic songs. “This is our favorite piece of the Pope,” said Kerzhakov.

“Nothing on earth passes without a trace,
And youth pushed yet immortal.
How young we were, how young we were,
As sincerely loved, as believed in myself.”