Милана Кержакова рассталась с мужем The young woman reported it on the personal page in a social network. She noted that no longer is in a relationship with Alexander. Besides, she gave him a sharp feature.
Милана Кержакова рассталась с мужем

Rumors that a young family of footballer Alexander Kerzhakov not so smooth appeared this winter. Then the athlete was suspected of adultery – a man allegedly seen in the company of another woman. The couple did not comment on the situation.

However, members noticed that Milan does not expose photo with her husband and is generally always very sad in the pictures. Many associated her condition with the loss of a loved one – in the past year was not the father of Milana, Vadim Tyulpanov. But most still inclined to believe that she was unhappy in the marriage and give advice – decide to be unloved, or just terminate it, and then find true happiness. In the end, Milan said subscribers in the comments that they Kerzhakov not together.

“I’m no longer in the relationship… It is absolutely fallen, unworthy of respect the man, alas,” wrote Milan Kerzhakov.

When the first rumors about the infidelity of Alexander, Milan have hinted that there is a legal document, probably a marriage contract in which she has no right to talk about life with Kerzhakov. Many took her words as a defense of her husband.

“When I want to say something, I’ll tell you about it herself. Whatever it was, no man on earth has the right to denigrate the honor of my husband until he was my husband. This is a man who made a lot of good, and I am very much grateful to him,” wrote Milan.

Milan day and Alexander Kerzhakov met in 2014. Then the player took the parting with the civil wife Ekaterina Safonova, they sued for custody of son Igor, who at that time was little more than a year. No difference in 11 years, no two children (from his first marriage Kerzhakov was brought up 10-year-old daughter, Daria) or difficult situation in your personal life didn’t stop Milan. The important thing is that her parents were not against player made a good impression on Tulip.

27 Jun 2015 Milan and Alexander played a big wedding. Group changed the name to Kerzhakov. Almost two years later, on 10 April 2017, the couple had a son Artem.