Milan Kerzhakov bought a gorgeous Bentley

Милана Кержакова купила маме шикарный бентли The woman was shocked by a surprise daughter. Milan Kerzhakov decided to please the parent, who recently lost a spouse. Footballer’s wife fulfilled dream of Natalia Tulip.

In early April, in the family of a famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov had an accident. Did not the father of the wife of Alexander Milana. Vadim Tulpanov, died suddenly of a heart attack. Milan, which was very close to her father, grieved his loss, yet finds the strength to support and please my mother lost her beloved husband.

On the eve of Milan Kerzhakov arranged for Natalia Tulip an unforgettable surprise which shocked the parent. The ceremony of presentation of gift was recorded on video, which Milan then shared with subscribers microblog. A young woman met mom at the airport in St. Petersburg on the new car brand “Bentley”.

“This is your new car, mom!” – is heard in the voice of Milana.”What do you mean? You are normal? I am horrified at all! No. Are you crazy?” Natalia Tyulpanov barely cope with emotions.

She was ready to cry and laugh at the same time. Subscribers Milana Kerzhakova was in awe of her ideas that’s so luxurious to please and surprise mom. “Great! Well done that pleased your mum!”, “Positive emotions are always needed! Depends on our longevity”, “a mother is a beautiful woman, even without any pathos! Nice to see”, “What a happiness it is that there are opportunities to delight your favorite”, “Very cool, you rock! Mom deserved like no other” – supported Milan Kerzhakov her fans.

It should be noted that after the tragedy of the father of Milan through the eyes of others looked at your relationship with your spouse, with Alexander Kerzhakov.

The young woman frankly admitted that at the beginning of the family life difficult it was to cope with the difficulties that then faced her husband. Wife Kerzhakov rethink relations with him after a family tragedy

But over time she realized that she was wrong. In recognition of Milana, she’s blaming herself for such an attitude. “I think, perhaps, it is a difficult time in my husband’s life was a test for myself — if I am worthy and my family such support, as it is when we have themselves a misfortune happens,” said the young woman. It husband framed Milan his shoulder, when she faced a real disaster. And the young woman is not tired now, thanks to Alexander for the support it provides to her and her mother.