Milan Kerzhakov admired the slender figure after childbirth

Милана Кержакова восхитила стройной фигурой после родов The wife of a famous footballer, gave him a charming son of Artemis in early April, decided to “reboot” in another country. Milan Kerzhakov went on a trip on a luxury resort located in the Maldives.

Spouse striker St. Petersburg “Zenit” Alexander Kerzhakov Milan became a mother in early April. Fiancee of a famous athlete gave him a cute son, who was named Artemy. A cute baby was born in one of maternity hospitals of St. Petersburg. After a couple of months after the long-awaited event in Milan Kerzhakov decided to relax in another country. She went overseas on a luxury resort located in the Maldives.

In the microblog of a young woman regularly appear pictures taken abroad. “Reset”, – she said in his microblog. Fans Milana found that it looks great. According to them, Kerzhakov quickly come in shape after childbirth. They were delighted with the stunning form of celebrity. “Beauty”, “You are so skinny”, “Nymph in Paradise”, “As if he had never had”, “Incredible luxury”, is discussed by users of social networks.

While on vacation abroad, Milan Kerzhakov not only bathes and sunbathes, but posing against the backdrop of local attractions. Fans of young women believe that she was in Paradise. “Gorgeous sunset”, “Cool”, “Dream”, “Nice and gentle”, “Happiness”, “Good stay”, – write in comments to the publications chosen player.

We will add that at the end of may charity Alexander Kerzhakov organized a solemn “Flower Ball”, which became the leading Andrey Malakhov, Xenia Sobchak, Igor Vernik Olga Orlova and Dmitry Khrustalev. In the preparation of the event was also attended by the wife of a famous footballer. After it ended, with Milan for some time, disappeared from social networks.

A few days later the wife of the football player explained his absence. She thanked everyone who worked on the charity evening, for their hard work and confessed that she was nervous exhaustion. As noted Kerzhakov, she took on too many responsibilities, and that was the reason of its degradation. “Apparently, as rightly at the time, my dad used to say: “to Each is given a test exactly.” At that moment my strength is probably over,” shared a young woman.

Note also that the last few months have been for the family of Alexander Kerzhakov extremely difficult. In Saint Peterbrooke sudden death of his father-in-law Vadim of Tulips. The man died from acute heart failure caused by ischemic heart disease. Milan Kerzhakov extremely heavily experienced the death of his father. “In addition to all these political statuses, it was just my dad. Cheer” – shared it in social networks.