Milan Kerzhakov about your dead father: “He was waiting for a grandchild”

Милана Кержакова об умершем отце: «Он очень ждал внука» The successor of Senator first talked about the loss. According to Milana, she’s hard to understand that dad is no longer alive. Wife of Alexander Kerzhakov has told, how was her relationship with her parent, as well as remembering some of the highlights.

      Милана Кержакова об умершем отце: «Он очень ждал внука»

      Last Friday in Saint-Petersburg was held the funeral of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov. According to some reports, the man died due to heart problems. His daughter Milan, wife Natalia and son Vladislav took the condolences of friends and loved ones. During the farewell ceremony pregnant Kerzhakov tried to hold back the tears, and comforted his mother and brother. Pregnant escorts Milan Kerzhakov father’s last journey

      A few days after the tragic events of Milan found the strength to talk to about my father. The successor of Senator posted a classic picture with his dad and escorted him a long post, explaining how it feels.

      “It’s impossible and unbearable to realize that a person simply no longer exists. I can’t say that throughout life we was very close to her father, but the older I got, the better was our relationship, because he saw me as a person and an intelligent man, what he said. He loved Sasha, despite the fact much of what was happening in our family life and listening to my discontent, always said, “No, well, in General it guy is normal.” And of course he loved my mother, no matter what,” said Milan.

      Kerzhakov told the story of how Tulips brought his wife the carpet from a business trip to Turkmenistan. However, he made a mistake when selecting the item, which caused the dissatisfaction of Natalia. Milan remembered that in those moments the Pope could speak only to her, because mom didn’t speak to him.

      “Everything is possible”: how do remember Vadim Tyulpanov his family

      As reported by the young woman’s father wanted to become a grandfather. He helped his daughter and her husband Alexander to prepare for the new addition to the family.

      “And he was waiting for his grandson, has asked me to give them to mom to babysit, took part in the arrangement of the room, debating about the name. It was cool and friendly, and cozy in our common life,” admitted Kerzhakov.

      According to Milana, she never thought that their family will have to endure such pain. The successor of Senator still could not believe that her father was no longer alive. She realized that’s how people feel who have lost loved ones in accidents or terrorist attacks.

      “Believe me, sense is not money, not status, not in bags, dresses and shoes – the only meaning the people who make up this very life. Just hear me. We measured really small, and in one moment all over, and often you won’t, and can’t be ready”, – explained the daughter of a thief