Mila kunis was surprised by the figure two weeks after giving birth

Мила Кунис удивила фигурой спустя две недели после родов

Two weeks ago, on November 30, Mila kunis again became a mother. The actress gave birth to a boy, to whom parents gave the familiar name for Dmitry.

Despite the fact that now kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher are the parents of two small children who need attention and care, the couple still finds time for herself and at the joint (apart from children) pastime.

On the weekend, Mila and Ashton walked through the streets of Los Angeles, where they caught the paparazzi.

A couple though looked a little tired, but the happiness on their faces was not hidden.

While kunis and Kutcher enjoyed warm and Sunny weather, Internet users drew attention to how the second pregnancy affected the image of kunis.

It seems that Mila was not gaining any weight and was not pregnant.

Apparently, during this interesting period, kunis did not allow himself to relax, as is often done for other moms, controlled their diet and activity.