Мила Кунис впервые рассказала, как начался ее роман с Эштоном Катчером
Kutcher wanted to marry off kunis to his friend.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis daughter

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That Mila kunis met Ashton Kutcher before
before the start of their romance, has been known for a long time. But that’s how they started
love story, kunis told for the first time during a recent TV show on Howard stern.

They first met when they were still teenagers.
Mila was 14 and Ashton is 19. It’s funny that even though they played in the TV series “Show
70″ lovers, in fact, between them was only friendship. As
said Mila, Ashton absolutely she didn’t like — as a young man. ”
while he did not seem me attractive!” explained Sweet. Kutcher,
apparently did not see in her the girl he would like
to win. One day he invited her to his home, but as it turned out, not for
in order to get close to her. Ashton decided to introduce her to his buddy,
which, he thought, would make a great boyfriend for Sweet…

After shooting ended, Kutcher and
Kunis had not seen for many years — not because they had something against each other, and
just due to the fact that somehow did not develop. And now in 2012 they ran into each other on the same
the Hollywood crowd. And everything changed…

“I remember I walked into the room and saw some
a guy from the back. And I thought, “wow, what a high! And then he turned
to me and I recognized him and at the same time suddenly realized: what he’s cute!
It was like a movie. I even thought that played the right music. Have
I just lost my breath!” — admitted the actress.

However, the first couple of months of its subsequent
this meeting of the novel, they both believed that just having fun and good
time. “But three months later I suddenly realized that it was not fun,
everything is very serious! And we started talking to each other about their feelings…” —
explained kunis.

However, the first time they have been configured
strongly opposed to marriage. The fact that both only
was released; he was from eight-year marriage to demi Moore and she’s from
By Macaulay Kalkin, who met 9 years. “We were both sure that
never and no one will marry!” — says Mila. However, over
just over a year, and they decided that they wanted to get married. They got married last summer, and
raising her daughter James, which is already a year old. Soon Mila and Ashton make happy
the birth of her second child that she now bears.

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