Мила Кунис покажет своим детям, как это жить в нужде

Many movers and shakers, the people who managed to achieve considerable heights and large fortune, believe that their children must go through virtually the same path to success that they to have the right to dispose of the inheritance of their parents.

Surprisingly, Hollywood couple Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher held the same worldview.

Pair, the total state is equal to 170 million dollars, admitted that they intend to show their children life the way it is for everyone else. Mila and Ashton think it is right not to spoil their offspring, but rather to dip them in poor existence.

“We both husband grew up in fairly poor conditions, can be said to have made themselves and are well aware of how much is a dollar. Us wealth fell from the sky,” said kunis in an interview with reporters.

The actress who is now pregnant with her second child and is raising 2-year-old daughter, Wyatt Isabelle, admitted that all the forces will try to explain to their children that it is important to appreciate what you have: “I Will teach them from early childhood to the fact that this mom and dad got a dollar, and you are poor. You have nothing, it is the parents Bank account,” said Mila.

Note that the star of “Sex on friendship” is not the first time demonstrates its stinginess in material matters. The actress recently told me that he and Ashton decided to withdraw from the engagement rings of famous brands, because the cost is too expensive. Instead, a pair of ordered rings in the online store.

The purchase cost them about $ 200.

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