Мила Кунис рассказала, в чем залог ее успешных отношений с Эштоном Катчером

When actress Mila kunis was 14 years old, only in a nightmare she could imagine that it would be to raise children with the person to whom she felt only negative feelings. But everything flows, everything changes…including Mila and her now-husband Ashton Kutcher.

Now the star of the film “Sex on friendship” goes with the second child. In anticipation of the birth of a baby Mila decided to share with the press details of her marriage to Kutcher, and also spoke about his first-born – the best in town Wyatt.

Kunis admitted that the key to their successful relationship with her husband is that they have become friends who do not conceal anything from each other.

“I can’t lie to her husband. I can tell him everything, and he. We’re both actors and know when and how we play. I think not even these things that we don’t know each other. We have for too long been familiar, and very much had its UPS and downs, good moments and bad. We went through a period when I really thought that Ashton was crazy. It was at the peak of his career. At that time I even thought that he stopped to like me, he is conceited and considered themselves cool, we went through quarrels and separation, but it always converged. Apologized to each other, forget the insults and moved on. I realize now that I’m married to my best friend, a man I trust one hundred percent”, — said Mila.

From best friend kunis gave birth to a daughter, which seems to have absorbed all the love that have for each other her parents and is now trying to give this love to others: “Children are wildly difficult. They have no instinct of self-preservation. They all “stick your nose”. But, by the way, my daughter knows how to control himself. She is only 19 months, but she understands that it is not necessary to jump from the swing and so on. Wyatt is a good girl, she wants to be friends and cuddle with other children. She is very open. Baby is very gentle, even to my surprise. I have not taught her such attention and did not say that the way to behave, but she’s a character”.

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