Мила Кунис о детях: «Женщины умнее мужчин»

34-year-old Mila kunis visited the show, Ellen DeGeneres, along with his colleague Kate McKinnon, which talked about Comedy “the Spy who conned me”. The movie will be released
this summer.

Мила Кунис о детях: «Женщины умнее мужчин»

Presenter asked the actress how her children: Wyatt three-year and one-year-old Demetrius. Mila happily began a story about his kids and said that women are smarter than men. She noticed that the development of their children. “They are completely different! The son reminds me of a sloth. He’s adorable, and I love it. He will still see this and ask: “Why do you say that?”. The truth is, women are smarter than men. This is the conclusion I made from watching two different people who gave birth.” says Mila.

Ellen in response to the statement kunis joked, saying that Dimitri it’s time to get off the shoulders of his father and begin to walk independently. “He’s a year old. He’s lazy!” responds the actress.

As stated earlier kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher, they already have the perfect plan for a perfect future children. Three-year old daughter Elizabeth Wyatt and year-old son, Dimitri, they’re going to leave without an inheritance. About this Ashton said in an interview podcast DAX Shepard. Earned money the actors decided to pass to a charitable organization.

“We’re giving the money to charity,” said Ashton.

Such an act is not without reason. Star parents want to motivate their children to succeed on their own, and not with material support from their parents. However, no support Wyatt and Dimitri will remain.

“If they want to start a business and make a competent business plan, I invest in their project, but again, not going to create a trust Fund in their use. Thus they will be motivated on their own work,” explained the actor.

By the way, in this kind of solution Mila and Ashton not the only one. On exactly the same principles last year said British chef Gordon Ramsay, raising four children. Previously the decision to leave children without an inheritance, said the founder of Microsoft, billionaire bill gates and singer sting.

According to Ashton Kutcher, he grew up in a poor family and his parents couldn’t afford the extra purchases. Even ice cream for little Ashton was a real treat.

“So now I eat it literally every night,” said Kutcher. — “Believe me, my kids childhood a privileged life, but they don’t even know about it. And I wish they never learned.”