Мила Кунис назвала сына в честь одного из своих русских предков
Actress barely agreed with my husband about a name for the second child.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis

Photo: Instagram.com

Ashton Kutcher, the husband of Mila
Kunis, who recently gave birth to a son, on the pages of your Internet site revealed the main
the intrigue surrounding the appearance of a child into the world: he told me how he called the baby.
That his wife gave birth to a second child became known
yesterday, but no details not originally reported. Now it has become
it is known that the baby was born quite healthy and quite large — he weighed about
four kilograms. The boy’s mother, as assured Ashton, feels great
and absolutely happy.

As for the name of the son,
then, as reported by Kutcher, he was given a rather unexpected name is Dmitri Portwood. Dmitry called it in
after one of the Russian ancestors Nice. But the origin of the second name remains
still a mystery. It’s possible that Kutcher was named the boy in honour of some
your favorite hero. But shortly before his birth, he managed to quarrel with
wife when they came up with a name for your unborn son. Ashton insisted then
to call the boy Hawkeye (that is, “Hawkeye” in honor of
the character of the novel James Fenimore Cooper, and favorite TV show Kutcher…

As has assured fans Ashton
he and his wife are very happy that they had a son. Apparently Kutcher
already quite resigned to the circumstances. Indeed, in early autumn, when it became
it is known that kunis is expecting a boy, he failed to hide his disappointment.
First, he liked to raise a daughter Uayett born 2 years
ago that he would like to join the family of another girl. And secondly,
Ashton feared that giving birth to a girl, Mila will stop there. But he dreamed of
a large family. But, apparently, kunis took care of him, promising afterwards to give birth
another child.