Мила Кунис снова беременна!
Spouse Ashton Kutcher decided to Supplement the composition of the family.

Mila Kunis


Mila kunis learned the good news: the actress is expecting her third child. About
this was announced by the Australian edition of NW. According to the publication
in the aforementioned publication, this was told by a close friend Mila. 34-year-old actress
allegedly, directly said to her friend, “Yes, I’m pregnant again!”

really, the rumors that kunis, who was the lawful wife of Ashton Kutcher in 2014, in the “interesting position”, began
spread in Hollywood. The fact that Mila had often
appearing in the light, became almost a recluse. Recently she
pleased its fans with a once — coming on the TV show Ellen DeGeneres.
Moreover, notice that for its release Milla dressed in clothes,
hid her figure — pants casual wide tunic that hid her
figure. Note that for the last couple of months, when even
rare occasions when reporters were able to catch kunis outside her
at home, the actress was seen in shapeless sweaters or hoodies.

the child, who, according to NW,
now carrying Sweet, have older brother and sister. Daughter Uayett kunis gave birth at
October 2014. And son Dmitry was born in November 2016. In the past
Mila said she would like a big family. But after she gave birth
two, the actress looked thoughtful. She admitted last year she is a little
tired of their little brats who always wanted to get into
any dangerous situation. But, apparently, her “children” have grown up and become more
obedient. And she can now afford to implement its long-standing plan.