Mila kunis is afraid that her little daughter may die

Мила Кунис боится, что ее маленькая дочка может погибнуть
The actress is very concerned about the fate of the baby

Мила Кунис боится, что ее маленькая дочка может погибнуть

Mila Kunis


In a recent interview, 32-year-old actress Mila kunis complained that her new baby girl Wyatt
absolutely no sense of self-preservation, and because of this she always
gets into dangerous situations. “It’s just crazy, I
ceased to understand how young children manage to survive! If now
here a window was opened, I assure you, without hesitation, she stepped in it!”—
concerned said kunis.

Incidentally, the husband of Mila — Ashton Kutcher, completely solidary with his wife. Gloomy joked he held
recently the TV show: “Before the year you care for children, caring about their life and health,
and after years your main task — to prevent them to kill themselves! I have no doubt that
once on the rock, Wyatt wants to jump off it, and being near the fire —
touch it!”

But in spite of all worries and anxiety, both Mila and Ashton
claim that they love their child. In addition, according to kunis,
the birth of a daughter very has contributed to the strengthening of their relationship. “Now we have
our little girl, we always talk about it and feel completely
happy…” — says Mila.

The daughter of kunis and Kutcher, they decided to give boy’s name “Wyatt”, was born in October 2014. In that time they
were not married. Moreover, Ashton decided to make the Mile offer only after learning
that his girlfriend became pregnant. They were married in June of 2015
and since then, quite happy together. However, periodically there are rumors that
Kutcher cheating on his wife. But Mila tries not to pay for this gossip attention: it
believes that Ashton is the world best husband and father.

Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Photo: Splash News/East news

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