Мила Кунис призналась, что повторила судьбу своей героини в фильме «Секс по дружбе»

Starring in the film “friends with benefits” actress Mila kunis is practically predicted the future. Only that companion of the star of Hollywood was not Justin Timberlake, and Ashton Kutcher.

As admitted on the days of Mila, the relationship with the father of her child she did not plan any relationship, because the couple were interested only in carnal pleasures, and permanent partners at the time could not boast neither Kutcher nor kunis.

“I probably shouldn’t say this… you Know, we became friends and agreed just to have a good time. We both starred in films like “friends with benefits”, but did not think that it works in real life,” with a certain caution in his voice told Mila, and then added that after the start of the relationship, neither she nor Kutcher have not thought about marriage. “When we started Dating, then the marriage is not thought of. He just filed for divorce, I got out of a relationship. We just held hands and thought that life is beautiful. Agreed that it’s just entertainment. But after three months I realized that it’s not “just entertainment.” A year later, we started thinking about the wedding. And it was somewhat surprising”.

Now the couple are happy together and soon expecting the birth of her second child.


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