Mila kunis got ex husband demi Moore

Милу Кунис достала бывшая мужа Деми Мур

Ex-girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher considers the right to give advice to the couple as they raise children.

It is commendable when lovers after breaking up do not scold each other’s worth, and retain warm friendships. Still not strangers… But too strong friendship with the former it may cause a big problem. Very much the former strive to get into their friendly advice in your current life. Especially if their personal life they will not be re-arranged.

This situation is now happening in the family Kutcher and Mila kunis. Despite the fact that Ashton broke up with demi Moore for more than five years ago, the actress can’t leave it alone. Under the pretext of friendship Moore all the time in touch with Kutcher. Moreover, demi “was recorded in the girlfriend” and to Mila kunis.

Милу Кунис достала бывшая мужа Деми Мур

And now from the height of his years, purely “friendly,” Moore tries to give advice to a young mother about how to raise children. She, like, needs a little more experience: after all three daughters on their feet. Rumer is now 28 years old, Scout 25, and Tallula Bel – 22. Kunis also twice became a mother recently: their eldest daughter Wyatt just two years old, and on November 30 of this year, the actress gave birth to Kutcher son Demetrius. And, you know, who congratulated the star the parents of one of the first? Of course friend of the family demi Moore. And now the actress literally showering the baby with gifts, and the parents of the next advice. In General, kunis does not know where to go from obsessive girlfriend. Talk about patience of a young mother literally to the limit.

“After Dimitri was born, demi has been renewed: it is loaded with presents baby gifts and bother Ashton and Mile advice on how to raise children. Recently that’s Nice began the real hysterics – she does not know what to do to demi left them alone,” an insider told American portal RadarOnline.

What to do? To endure. Only Ashton Kutcher can limit this friendship, but apparently it’s nothing bad it does not see.